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Over the years, So many people have questioned and asked me “ How can I support Black?”

“How can I support my own people?”

Yes, I know it is hard trying to buy black every day when we basically don’t own many businesses Nationally, in fact, 3.3 percent of businesses less than two years old.

We have the very few basics like barbershops and hair salons, and even a few restaurants

But times are changing, There is an abundance of information, businesses, and services out there that are black owned.  Yes, it may take you longer to find a black-owned one but nothing is wrong with a little research.

I am a 22-year-old Entrepreneur and I see the growth in small and local businesses online, many people are using social media platforms to start and expand their business  (Instagram, Bigcartel, Facebook )

So now we have no excuse. There is no exception on why we are not supporting our own people.  We have to realize that economic wealth is substantially the downfall of the black community. Once we realize the value of our dollar, how much dollars we give away to other communities, how many dollars we spend and don’t save, how many dollars we spend on material items as to saving is when we will finally come to the conclusion that maybe we need to refocus our minds and our spending habits.

Why is Buying Black so Important?

Supporting a black business will grant that business an opportunity to stay open. Statistics prove that black-owned businesses tend to go out of business the most.

We hire and employ our own.

Our money stays in our community and grows our economic wealth

Economic Power/Freedom

Black spending power is predicted to grow up to $1.4 Billion Dollar by the year 2020.  How many dollars from that revenue do you think will actually be in the black business?

Ask yourself these questions:

Do The stores you are supporting, are they doing anything for your neighborhood/community?

Is your future important to you?

What can you do every day to support a black owned business?

Do you support a local organization? (not with your money, but with your time)


Message from the Writer:

This is our time to shine, our time to rise, our time to change the shift.

Stay true to yourself, encourage one another and  Rise above! Let us be BLACK in charge again.

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